Our Philosophy

Delicious American barbecue with highest quality house-smoked 

meats and fresh, seasonal sides & desserts made from scratch.

Our Methods

We believe that the most succulent meats and mouthwatering sides require the freshest, highest quality ingredients, careful and meticulous preparation and time honored American techniques.  BBQ is an American culinary treasure and we treat it as such.  Our smoker was hand built by J&R Manufacturing in Mesquite Texas by folks who take pride in what they do and what they produce, and we feel the same about our BBQ. 


All our sides and sauces are made with love entirely from scratch. Our vegetable dishes and fruit cobblers rotate seasonally to showcase the treasures of every season.  We honor every ingredient we work with, from our USDA Prime brisket to our fresh and organic produce.  We stand by our vendors and hold them to the same standards we hold ourselves.


There are no shortcuts. There is no “easy” or “same day catering” BBQ.  We do not use pellets or liquid smoke, and our meats are always smoked fresh, no reheated BBQ here!  We never use packaged or canned sides or sauces.  We treat every delivery like it’s our own friends, coworkers, and family that are waiting to be fed.  Sitting down and enjoying a meal together is becoming harder and harder to do in these times, and are honored that you have thought about us for your event.